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UNAwheel Mini Online User Manual
Before using the power add-on please read this user manual thoroughly.

Check the battery level!

Please check the battery charge level before use (charge level is displayed at the bottom of the display).

  • 5 bars - the battery is fully charged;
  • 2 bars - depending on the terrain and battery type, you have around 10% of charge left. Reduce the speed and look for a place to charge or swap the battery;
  • 1 blinking bar - the battery is fully discharged and will switch off soon.
Driving the UNAwheel mini by wheelchair users under the age of 18 is only allowed under parental supervision
1. Protective gear
To prevent injuries caused by falling wear protective gear, such as helmets, protective pads, and other gear.

2. Maximum load
The Mini’s maximum load is 90 kg. Exceeding the maximum load may cause injury and the product damage. Driving the UNAwheel when there is more than one person in the wheelchair is prohibited.

3. Water
The UNAwheel Mini is equipped with splash and dust protection. Even though you can drive Mini in wet weather conditions please avoid deep puddles and never use the power add-on during the heavy rain. Never immerse the UNAwheel in water or other liquids.

4. Malfunctions
In case you encounter a malfunction immediately contact the Distributor or a Reseller in your country - depending on where you purchased the device. Do not repair the UNAwheel yourself and do not use the third-party repair services. Service support is only provided by the authorized Distributor/Reseller. Do not use the power assist until it is fully repaired.
5. Disassembly
Do not disassemble the UNAwheel Mini or make any modifications to the power assist or any of its parts. It can void the warranty, cause the product damage or malfunctions.

6. Protect the device from impact damage.

7. Use the power assist correctly
Use the UNAwheel Mini only for its intended purpose. The UNAwheel Mini should be used according to the instructions in the User Manual.

8. Before use
The UNAwheel Mini must be inspected before every use. Make sure that there is no damage and all the parts are secured tightly. In case you discover a malfunction of the main unit, the charger or the cable, do not plug the charger into the outlet.

9. Charging
Charge the UNAwheel Mini using only the charger provided.
Never disassemble the charger.
Do not use non-standard power supplies to charge the power assist.
Do not carry the charger holding it by the cable.
Hold the charger by the plug when disconnecting.
Switch off
Switch off the UNAwheel Mini by pressing the On/off button on the right joystick for a few seconds.
Remove the protective cap and connect the charger to the plug in the back of the power add-on on the left side of the swivel mechanism.
Plug in
Plug the charger into an electrical outlet. Make sure that your power supply is fully rated to deliver the amps and watts the UNAwheel Mini needs. Check the charger for more information.
Do not leave the power assist unattended. Charging takes up to 3,5 hours depending on the discharge level.
  • While going uphill or speeding up rapidly the power assist is experiencing a significant load. Please note that in this case the battery charge level indicator may display less bars remaining than when the power assist is parked or if you drive on the flat surface without speeding up.
  • The power assist may get switched off due to battery or motor overheating. To prevent overheating, avoid overloads.
  • The UNAwheel Mini must not be used as a vehicle on public roads.
Maintenance & Service support
If the UNAwheel Mini is broken down or malfunctioning contact the Distributor/Reseller and do not use the power assist until it is repaired.
Cleaning & Storage
  1. Before cleaning, make sure that the power add-on is switched off and the charging plug is closed. Do not clean the UNAwheel Mini while charging.
  2. Do not clean the power assist with ethanol, gasoline, kerosene or any other volatile corrosive solvents.
  3. Do not clean the device under the water jet or using a water hose or any high-pressure cleaning machine. Use a damp piece of cloth.
  4. Store the power assist and the charger in a dry place at 5-25 °С, keep it out of reach of children.
  5. Check the battery charge level every 3 months. If it’s less than 50% please charge the device.
  6. Avoid heat, direct sunlight and moisture
How to transport the UNAwheel Mini by car or train
Make sure that the power assist is securely packed and protected from vibration, impact damage, water and other liquids and chemically aggressive environments.
How to travel with the UNAwheel Mini by plane
Two Li-ion batteries with max. 160 Wh capacity (each) or one Li-ion battery with max. 300 Wh capacity are allowed in the baggage according to IATA (DGR Chapter
Mini's battery capacity is 161,28 Wh.
To travel hassle-free:
  1. Notify the airline company at least 72 hours before the flight.
  2. Provide the necessary information about the device - the UNAwheel Mini is an assistive wheelchair device with a built-in Li-ion battery.
  3. Print the UNAwheel Mini Air Transportation Certificate for passengers and take it to the airport.
  4. At the registration counter tell the staff that you will drive to the gate and pack the power assist with the battery right in front of the plane.
  5. At the plane entrance, turn off the unit, detach it and pack in to the transportation case.
  6. Pass your wheelchair to the plane staff and bring Mini in the case into the cabin.
UNAwheel Mini characteristics:
  • Weight of the unit:
    5.3 kg
  • Climbing capability: max. grade of 10%*
    (*With a fully-charged battery and a 60 kg user weight)
  • Handlebar: 440 mm, foldable
  • Weight of the adapter: 1.7 kg
  • Controller: Built-in, 24 V, 18 A
  • Battery: Li-ion 25.2 V, 6.4 Ah, 161.28 Wh
  • Range: up to 15 km*
    *Depending on the type of terrain, road surface, the weight of the user and temperature
  • Wheel diameter: 6", solid.
  • Central Positioning Mechanism
  • Motor (brushless, direct): 250W
  • Max. speed: 16 km/h (the device can be speed-limited to comply with local regulations)
  • Maximum load: 90 kg
  • LCD display, diode lantern, bell
  • The UNAwheel Mini is compatible with Active and Basic wheelchairs.
  • Active electronic braking system
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions -
We wish you a safe and spectacular driving experience.

UNAwheel Team